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Pannel Group First Business Unit
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The First Business Unit has been in operation since the establishment of Panel Trading Co., Ltd. The enterprise has always upheld its business principles of “Trust,” “Professionalism,” and “Innovation” in the provision of service to its customers. Today, Panel Trading is not only the leading distributor of various internationally reputed brands in Asia, but also a highly reputable enterprise among its customers. To address the rapid and innovative development of the industry and the constant launch of new materials, the First Business Unit has transcended from trading of basic materials to the provision of specialized chemical products, as well as finished and semi-finished products to its customers, expanding its services into the global market.

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10459 台灣台北市中山區松江路168號7樓
Panel Trading Co., LTD. ( First Business Unit ) Panel Trading Co., LTD. ( First Business Unit )
7th Floor,No.168, Song-Jiang Road, Zhong Shan District, Taipei City10459, Taiwan

主力產品:PEG(聚乙二醇),異氰酸鹽,三胺二乙烷(DETA),四胺三乙烷(TETA),五胺四乙烷(TEPA),PPG(聚丙二醇),抗氧化劑、抗菌劑、光擴散劑、耐燃劑,氟素界面活性劑,氟素離型劑,SEIMI Chemical,氟素防濕塗佈劑(防水油),水性PU,水性發泡樹脂,透濕防水樹脂,熱熔膠帶,撥水劑,聚碳酸酯樹脂,光學塗料,氟素添加劑,防曇塗料,UV表面強化塗料。