Westrim is your single source supplier of sign accessories with a broad line of quality products for Neon, Fluorescent and HID signs. We are committed to providing superior value to our customers, ensuring our products are in stock when you need them and competitively priced.

Safety and Reliability - UL 879

Westrim products are designed and manufactured to meet high standards for safety and quality, ensuring reliable operation our customers can depend on. As a result, the Underwriters Laboratories UL 879 listing can be found on all applicable Westrim products.

As the leading power provider for neon signs, France is a proud member of The Neon Group, advocating the positive attributes of neon lighting systems.

Westrim Products is a division of FRANCE Power Solutions, a leader in the electric sign industry for over 90 years, Westrim delivers products and service you can count on, now and in the future.